Buy O.G. Kush

Buy OG Kush

An astonishing blend of hereditary qualities foundation

Its actual hereditary qualities are obscure. Some state OG Kush is a blend of ChemDawg with a Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. Others state that it’s only a unique cutting of ChemDawg from the mid 90s. Indeed, even the significance of the name OG has been discussed; with some expression it implies Original Gangster. Be that as it may, presently, as a result of its causes, a great many people concur it implies Ocean Grown.

The most mainstream strain?

One thing that isn’t discussed is the prominence of this feminized cannabis strain. From Hollywood film stars and rappers to therapeutic maryjane clients, OG Kush is adored by many. The most clear attribute of OG Kush is its solid, extraordinary, exceptionally damp, somewhat citrus fragrance, practically like fuel or solid cleanser. The kind of OG Kush is similarly as solid and wet, with a durable delayed flavor impression.

Solid mental and physicall high

OG Kush is an incredibly solid cannabis strain, with most experienced smokers posting it as one of their top picks. The impact is as solid physically as it is rationally. In spite of the fact that its impact resembles a Sativa, the strain’s hereditary qualities are generally Indica. The impact is as solid and perplexing as the flavor. OG Kush takes around about two months to blossom and by and large the yield is 500 grams for every plant.

Enormous buds with beautiful tones

OG Kush is known to extend marginally amid development however before long begins to round out amid blossoming. For the most part, it will achieve a tallness of 90 to 160 cm. Its buds are expansive and thick, lime green bunches secured with a lot of tar. There are numerous valid justifications why OG Kush has turned out to be so prevalent. Presently accessible as a feminized assortment from Royal Queen Seeds, so you can experiment with this astounding strain yourself.

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